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Logic not dragging in ALL files

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Hi All,

Every time I drag in a bunch of files from a folder into Logic, Logic does not bring all of them in. They are ALL .wav files. It also does not label the files properly based on their original file name. It is very random. For example, if I highlight 15 .wav files from a folder and drag them in, it may bring in 10 of them and the others it just doesn't bring in. However, if I bring them in individually, I can bring them all in. In either example, it does not bring the files in with the correct title though...it may leave out part of the file name.

Anyone else having this issue?

I am on Logic 10.7.8, MBP M2 Max 64G RAM

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Hey Spicy,

I just tried drag-and-dropping 142 Wave files into Logic 10.7.8 (both directly from the Finder and from the All files browser in Logic) and they all end up in the project OK.

I also tried Command-selecting 15 arbitrary files from those 142 then dragging them in and they also end in the tracks area just fine.

I don't see any issues with the naming either.

Maybe you could provide some more information about the files, like number of channels, bit depth and sample rate; as well as a screenshot of these files in the Finder (in List View) to see what sort of naming convention they use.



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Hey Jordi,

Thanks for responding. I figured out that it was because of the files I was given had several dots in them. I know that sounds weird but for example: OHs Audience.20_01.L.wav

Logic doesn't like all those dots lol.

Thanks for responding.

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