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Score Editor: Syncopate note but not across middle of bar line - how?

Music Spirit

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In the example below the second half of beat two needs to be tied across the 'imaginary barline' in the middle of the bar.

Syncopation and Defeat Syncopation doesnt seem to get the notation looking correct - any ideas?

There is a very short screenflow video on this link demonstrating the problem:

https://www.dropbox.com/s/ze7ppewmeod2jrh/Syncopate Logic Score Across BarLine.mp4?dl=0


PS The Staff Style is Quantized 16,12  with Interpretation and No Overlap  on and Syncopation off - and the rest of the chart is perfect with this setting

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With syncopation and no overlap enabled for the region in the inspector. The easiest way to do that is to put a user rest in at beat 3 ( even before you start to put notes into the measure.  Then add notes and either force or defeat syncopation (per note basis) as you go left to right. When you get to the note right before beat 3 (the one before the rest) - you will extend that note ( syncopation will be on for those notes) but when you extend the note over the user rest there - it will add the tie and the imaginary bar line will be visible.  

If you are having trouble and can get it to work as described above - let me know and I will do a video of each step - but I think you will get it now. See event list as well for placement of 1/4 User rest on beat 3.


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