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How to save ideas out of big projects?

Sir Hannes

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how do you save ideas for later songs working within a huge session? 

- I do screenshots to know which instrument, song-version and which bar. 

- sometimes I do audio bounces to listen first and decide, if I wanna continue with this idea.

All these I must sort and keep eye on it. Also, if I import from a Logic-Session it takes so much time to find the right track I am searching for. Now importing all regions of that track can be messy. Also, in a blank session the bars won't fit.

But I really like to save ideas in a much more smarter way. Like the AppleLoops but with this instrument and this special MIDI region, for example.

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If you drag a green Apple Loop to the bottom of your Tracks area, it recreates the instrument track with the original patch (instrument plug-in and effect plug-ins along with all their parameter values), and the MIDI region on the track. 

You can also drag it to an audio track in which case you get an audio region. 

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