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Connection between Channelstrip and DMD

Sir Hannes
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so I returned to a remix to boost the lows in the Kick of a QuickSampler which is inside a DMD. To use this settings in the original song project as well I choose at the remix kick track: "save as channelstrip" and named it "kick bassEQed", I saved it in the song remix folder "channelstrips for kickbassEQed".

Now in the main song if I klick in the kick track of the same DMD on the channelstrip menu, everything is greyed out except:

- copy channel strip

- save channel strip as.

I expected a "open a channel strip" menu to choose the location of the saved preset. Also in the other tracks there is not such a feature. Well, if I save a channel strip within the folder structure of LogicPro (I guess Library -> Application support ....) then I can choose it from the bottom list. I dislike this. I want a "open"-menu to choose the location on my own. I thought, that's why I can save ChannelStrips: to use them where ever I am.

What I am misunderstanding here?

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Yes, there is! Maybe I wasn't accurate enough in my description. Here is what I did:

1. I moved the *.cst for the DMD-Subtracks to the Logic Library folder, where all that stuff is already.

2. I clicked on the DMD-Subtrack "Kick".

3. I opened the library. I clicked on the bottom left to "Electric kit" and it jumped a hierarchy level higher.

4. I am able to enter my remix folder from point 1. I can change now the whole channelstrip of that DMD-QuickSampler-Subtrack with any in the library. 

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