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Looking for help on selecting the effect to reduce piercing sound on guitar strings plucked too hard

Er Sw
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Hi, I am seeking advice on how to fix a electric guitar track that was plugged straight into a DAQ and then into Logic Pro X (no amp).  But the strings were plucked too hard in several places and there is a piercing sound in places at the very start of some notes.  You can see this in the attaches screen shot link (https://www.dropbox.com/s/ephk90viuuhc9ve/Screenshot 2023-06-20 at 5.36.29 PM.jpg?dl=0).  I tried adding a compressor with a fast attack time and a lot of compression but it did not seem to help all.  I could manually go in and adjust the volume at the start of each pluck where its a problem that thats very labor intensive.  Note the piercing sound happens at many levels along the song so i cant simply threshold it either.  Is there some kind of effect that will address this short pluck effect so it sounds more smooth and natural?



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it's really hard to suggest audio fixes to something we can't hear. Is the guitar distorted due to overloading the interface? If so, then very little will fix that.

If it's some frequency aberration, you might be able to fix it with spectral tools like iZotope RX.

If it can only be solved to your satisfaction by volume control, then you might need to tweak the volumes - easiest would probably be something like splitting each transient from the region, then selecting all the transient regions, and using region gain to drop the transient by 6dB (or whatever works for your needs).

It's possible other things like compressors/gates/transient shapers/Logic's envelope might be able to help, but again, it's difficult to suggest anything definite without any idea of the problem.

Try working through some of those suggestions to see whether any techniques are viable.

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Thanks Des99-I am pretty sure its not an interface problem such as clipping or an overload.  I think is just plucking the strings too hard that sounds harsh - the hard pluck quickly dampens.  Is there a automatic transient detector function?  I am curious what you mean by spitting each transient from the region and dopping the gain?  That sounds promising.  Also curious about transient shapers. I can try to send a link to an audio segment if thats helpful

Des99. This looks interesting. I have never tied it before.  https://support.apple.com/guide/logicpro/enveloper-controls-lgcef1bec322/mac


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Not being able to hear it I can only guess as to what the sound is but I always put a lo pass and hi pass filter on distorted guitars. 
I cut the lows around 180hZ and the hi around 6500hZ 

these cut out the shrapnel and mud on guitar sounds. 


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1 hour ago, Er Sw said:

Is there a automatic transient detector function?  I am curious what you mean by spitting each transient from the region and dopping the gain?  That sounds promising.

Yes, you can analyse for transients, but things like the scissors and marquee tools will snap to transients anyway, so you can eg drop a marque selection on the track, use the cursor keys to move between transients, and split the region at those points to isolate the transient into it's own region (which therefore has it's own region gain parameter).

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