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Help - want to remove one port from Click and Ports - how?


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Hi -


I have problem - a flood of sys exclusive traffic is flowing into my computer, and hence into Logic as well, from my Yamaha 01V96 on Yamaha USB Midi port 1 - but only when I also run Yamaha's Studio Manager software (A GUI app to manage the O1V96). Clearly the Studio Manager <-> O1V96 connection causes a flood of sys exclusive traffic, and hence Logic sees this and it disrupts all other MIDI devices, even those on a seperate MIDI hub!


Its causing my synths (which are on a MOTU Midi Timepiece) to skip notes, re-trigger...


It seems like the flood of MIDI from the Yamaha is too much for Logic to handle.


So - I want to remove 'just' the Yamaha USB port 1 from the environment layer 'click and ports' - but I do not know how . Alternatively i'd like to block the flood of data - any suggestions? The manual does not help.


Note that what I did try was to delete the 'sum' cable from all ports 'sum' output to the sequencer input, and then re-connected all desirable ports except the Yamaha usb midi port 1. That stopped the problem since the USB port 1 is not flowing into the sequencer (and all synths then respond ok) - but I'd rather remove the USB port from click and ports as I'm not sure that 'manually linking' all other ports to the sequencer input is the same as 'summing' them.


Note that I need the Yamaha mixer connected via usb-midi to the computer to allow studio-manager to operate, so removing the usb-midi physical link is not an option. And - in the long run I wish to use the O1V96 as a control surface for Logic, so I'd ideally like to figure out how to make Logic filter just the O1V96 sys-exclusive traffic so that the mixer can still interact with Logic as a controller.


Any thougths/suggestions will be greatly appreciated.




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