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controller question/ vocal transformer


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first up, this site is amazing,


i have a question, i want to assign my controller keyboard (korg microkontroller) to adjust the pitch of vocals, so i can 'play' vocal lines like keyboard lines, but it only seems to allow me to assign a pot or fader to the pitch control, not individual notes.


is there a way i can assign the different notes on the keyboard as individual pitchs? :) or do i have to do it manually in automation (which would take forever). :(


hope you can help, and once again cheers for such a helpful site.



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I think for doing things like that, you'll need the EVOC20... You can most definitely 'play' this.

Best, L


hey lupin thanks for your help,


but what i want to do is just play the pitch of the vocals, other than that i don't want to affect them. so if i use male vocal static key of c in vocal transformer, and then change the pitch, i can do exactly this, my problem is i can't assign my controller keyboard to do it.


evoc is amazing for vocoder stuff alright :P


any ideas?

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