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Latency Issue When Looping Playback


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Hello hello,

I'm dealing with an odd latency problem.

I'm designing a hardstyle kick. The process requires looping the kick over and over while tweaking parameters. It also demands extremely precise automation, and this is where my woes begin.

Please watch this video for illustration purposes:


What you see is a fresh project with nothing in it that should affect latency.

I'm trying to remove the transient from the kick. I can do that two ways: By automating gain/volume at the start, or by using an external plugin like LFOTool/ShaperBox/Kickstart. No matter the methodology, the result is always the same - the transient is not fully removed. Automation is completely ignored after the first playback, and plugins generate a click. This only goes away if I add pre-roll to the playback cycle, as if Logic has to think for a second before working accurately. As you can see in the video, on larger buffer settings the problem gets weirder still, with the contents of the playback buffer shifting over time before ultimately resetting.

I've never seen this behaviour in other DAWs. Am I fundamentally misunderstanding latency?

Thank you!



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Quick results:

It seems like it works, when not starting right at the loop´s beginning. So there is a chance to "produce" the sound if you program 2 kicks in a loop and take the mixdown of the second kick then.


Would be interested if Logic can react on producing a proper loop start, also.


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