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Retrieving original song


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There may be depending on how many times you saved the project. Look in the "Project Backup Files" folder in the project folder.


Each time you save, logic keeps the 10 previous versions in that folder.


Always a good Idea to do "save as" copies on another hard disk.

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A tool that works great for me: I built a little automator program that saves whatever you drop on it to a backup folder on a different drive, and it renames the stuff by adding the date and the current time.


so from "song1" there will be a copy called "song1 11-10-2007 21-9"


For me that's a fast way for a quick backup without typing names in file menus and stuff. Maybe for others as well, so I attach it here. Has to be modified a bit to be used, but that's easy.


see you



Backup to BU.zip

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