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Logic 8 Missing Jam Packs that appear in GarageBand arg!


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I have reinstalled 100 times, followed instructions from Apple and from a million other boards but I cannot for the life of me get access to my Jam Packs in Logic.


Garageband sees them without ANY issue, every time, but Logic misses one or 2 JAM PACKS every time. The instruments are NOT there, in Logic but show up in Garageband.


Ive tried everything, reinstall, uninstall, delete preferences, delete Receipts, even copying the sample files and instruments to every possible location.


Im desperate at this point as Im about to trash the whole thing. Ive spent days trying to get this working.


Ive already updated software, installed ilife 08 with the extra content selected, reinstalled Logic 8, reinstalled Ilife 08, uninstalled Logic reinstalled it, deleted the receipts for garageband, jam packs and deleted the preference for both logic and garageband.


If anyone has any insight I would be so appreciative. Im pulling my hair out.









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