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Lesson 3 midi plug ins fx

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as I am French, I have the French version of the book but I'll try to write this message in English anyway.

I'm working on lesson 3,  on the dowloaded project 03 fast jam.

Everything went well on the first part of the chapter with the audio fx.

But when I try to work on the Lead synth track and want to open the arpegiator, it is still the "audio fx" which is proposed on that track and not the "midi fx"one, so I can't open the arpegiator.Even if it is a midi file (the lead synth), It Is still written "audio fx" like for the guitars. So what can I do to get the "midi fx" and be able to open the arpegiator and go on on the lesson?

Thanx a lot


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Hello Jordy,

a big thank you for your answer. Unfortunately, the 2 options don't work.

As you can see on the uploaded image (my version of Logic Pro is in French so I hope you will manage to sort it out), the option proposed (arrow) is "effet audio" (which means "audio fx") and not midi and when I try to open the menu you suggest, "midi fx" (ou "effet midi") is not proposed on it 😞

I think I'll have no other choice than skipping this paragraph.

A big thank for your time anyway



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Hi Christophe,

No problem, the MIDI FX slot (ou "effet MIDI" en Français) is above the instrument slot.

You can actually see it in your screenshot.

1 hour ago, Chrismen said:

and when I try to open the menu you suggest, "midi fx" (ou "effet midi") is not proposed on it 😞

Do you mean you don't see the Arpeggiator in the MIDI FX's menu? Like this?


The menu we see open in your screenshot, is for the Track Header Components, and the one I show in my post from Wednesday is for the Channel Strip Components. That's two different things. In Logic tracks and channel strips are related, but they are not the same thing. You don't have plugin slots in the track header, you have them on the channel strip.



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