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How to nudge tracks by milliseconds ?


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Another way would be to use the Nudge Left, Nudge Right and Nudge Value buttons in the Tool Bar.


I'm afraid milliseconds isn't a nudge value option, that is unless you did the math and set up your tempo so that ticks equaled mSec's.


I like involver's method too.

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Select the region in the arrange page and use the 'delay' in the inspector. You can view it in ms by checking the option in the view menu.


The only problem with this way is...it won't let me choose a ms of say 12ms.

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1. Find the Delay parameter from the Inspector (Region Parameter Box).

2. Control-click it and choose Delay in ms

3. Click-drag the value to change it to whatever in ms.




No wonder. I kept typing in 12 and it kept jumping to 7.8.


This is a very helpful forum !! Makes my transition from DP to Logic

less stressful. Thanks guys.

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