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Reason 4 trickles in once the track starts, the only way I can get all the notes coming in at once is to back up before


I have tried the following:


Allocated more memory to Reason 4

Trashed Reason 4's preferences

Turned off cycle mode

Gone into the Piano Roll to inspect the velocity and placement of the MIDI notes


So what about these ideas


Move the Reason resource files off my local drive to the external FW drive

Trash Logic Studio's prefs

Bump all of my tracks up to as a starting point


That last one I mention because my engineer made a good point last night - MIDI devices have lag and this goes back to the days of outboard gear, you simply need to give MIDI time to "snyc" up.


You know - I don't think others on this forum are having this problem, and I know I have a dead fast machine, we're only talking about 3 Reason 4 racks routed into Logic Studio with 1 audio track running.


Any thoughts - ideas?


-Sad Ally :?

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Still no answer (sorry...) but while reading this thread I remembered something that might point you in the right direction to look for a solution (although I do think it's just a silly bug).


I remember the note faltering thing happened when the region started with a long note sustaining while the 2nd, 3rd, etc were supposed to play (in other words, an arpeggio), which didn't, and all notes got triggered together AS SOON AS the first long note ended.

Try and shorten that first note so it ends before the 2nd note starts (if this is your case) and see if it behaves accordingly. Not that it's a solution, but at least you'll know who the offender is...

So... it might be a polyphony buffering issue/bug.

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I'm cursed... :P


By Blue Meanies perhaps. You know what they do when you're not making enough music . . .


You say when you give it a few bars preroll, it's perfectly fine.


This is about normal if we were talking about chasing timecode, but rewire is different right? It's more like MIDI clock in that Reason follows Logics tempo. But the sync part of rewire isn't MIDI at all. It's a higher speed protocol that Propellerheads doesn't talk about much.


Ally, if you start the sequence in the middle of the song, is stuff in sync, or is it also trickling in as you say?


Does the playhead in Reason actually stutter?

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why bar 0? I found all kinds of wierdness, say, with RMX in pattern mode, with external instuments following MIDI clock, etc...when Logic starts playing from Bar 1. Maybe it's a preload buffer thing, I don't know..


all I do know is that a lot of weirdness went away when I started having my first beat of music at bar 2 or 3 on the timeline (especially if I wanted a pickup note or something...)


worth giving it a a shot, Ally, if Reason is still lagging...Speaking of.....what's your buffer size?

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It's also easier than selecting zillions of odd regions when you're not zoomed in and shifting everything up.Sometimes the hyper edits don't move with em,or other spurious glitching.

Drag start of song to left....sorted.

Also stopped hanging notes in EWQLSO back on 5.5.

Skinned cat.


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that should be fine...try my little experiment....move everything to start at bar 4 and see if that helps. Could just be a weird rewire thing in L8. I don't have Reason 4 (or any reason to get it...lololol..insert rimshot here)..but..I might dabble with it at some point.
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Molurus - fellow bass player I will try that!


Just make sure the first notes don't overlap at all. See how it goes.


I don't think it matters where the song starts. You'll get that annoyance as long as the playhead starts right at the start of an arpeggio, wherever it is. The first note will "hold" the other notes, and won't let them go until it ends.

Also, notice that if you cycle that region, it will trickle the first time over, but not on subsequent passes (which makes it even weirder).


Obviously I'm assuming you're having the same problem I had in LP7. If not, just ignore all of the above... :roll:

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what's my alternative in Logic? - personally Reason's instruments sound better to me... :P



You don't have to defend your preferences for instruments. If Reason makes your music sound great, then don't let the smarty-pants's (was that Dave you were referring to, he he) get you down. Hey, not everything needs to be audiophile quality! To this day, one of my favorite production sounds is Dancing in the Streets by Martha and the Vandellas.


One of the things that really impresses me about Reason is that even though the instruments are unsophisticated by many standards, the sound design work that they've been able to accomplish with them for the presets is nothing short of amazing. So it provides interesting sounds, but maintains simplicity making it unintimidating for users. Especially users who have little training on electronic instruments. My hat's off to those folks.


If I didn't have to squint so hard to see the interface, I'd play with it more as the mod routings really look fun.


Now, does Dave need to apologize? :wink:

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lol- didn't mean to offend anyone... :D


I guess what I'm getting at is how to I get my Abbey Roads Keybords into a logic sampler and completely cut-out dealing with Rewire?


I will say the EVP88 is very decent but the Electomechanical Refill from Reason is just amazing.


oh, and fader8, as your avatar suggests it would seem that you, like me dig the old sounds - nothing against trip hop, house, downtempo, using loops - I'm just more of a analogue kind of girl - Reason seems to offer the closest approximations of vintage gear.


That's my goal, write in a forward thinking motion and engineer looking towards the past - a virtual Abbey Road Studios if you will.


Fab Four, Abbey Road Keyboards, BFD - all in an effort to sound vintage.


*yeah ok, here comes the "well, just go get a Struder and Neve Board blah..blah.." :D

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hahahah..I like being a smarty pants :) No offense given, none taken.


I honestly never dove into Reason (I had an NFR of 3.0 for a while) because I found it too klugy to deal with. I -was- impressed by some of the demos tho. Sound wise, I think it's just fine, and I might try v4 now that Logic plays nicely with it. But..it 'sounds' like Reason. I just watched a few demos, and, yes..from a sound-designers POV..it intriques me a bit more now...


as far as electric pianos....DIGI's 'Velvet' is the best thing out there. ...of course, it won't work with Logic. The NI one is pretty nice as well.


...and, yes..I dig the 'old' sounds..probably because I'M old, and remember hauling around a REAL Rhodes/B3/Clavinet...probably before you and Fader were born..(In my best 'old jewish guy voice).."I've got bunyuns older than you two..oyy".


**I'm PRETTY DAMN SURE I'm going to regret posting this link...







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it was the blue jumpsuit, wasn't it..





somedays I miss that life...being in a band..touring...rehersing all the time. We were a GREAT band..I was with them 15 years...did a lot of convention work..We could play ANYTHING...my mentors didn't care about 'musical style'. It was all just 'notes' to them...country, jazz, rock..didn't matter...


We could play a whole night of Beatles (including the entire B-side of Abbey Road..start to finish). Or a night of country. Or Beach Boys. Two full Steely Dan sets...it just didn't matter to us.


of course..I don't miss hauling the B3 and twin 147's around :)

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