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yeah..i giged right out of HS...'76 til about '90 or so...though..I was never really 'thin'..LOLOL.


being the keyboard guy..everyone hated me hauling all that crap around. Especially the CP70 and B3. I sadly remember replacing my B3 with a portable Korg...It was passable thru the leslies (I would NOT give them up..they were GOFF modified, and kicked ass)...


The Memory Moog was probably the best thing that came out for me (and the original DX7). I was able to go from 8 keyboards to 4, then eventually 3.


I also fondly remember as 'sequencers' started becoming previlant in pop music, and needing to be able to play those parts. I never got into the insanity that a lot of guys did with a ton of that kind of gear on stage. I always had a lot of repsect for the guys that di tho... I tried having my Atari 1040 on stage with me..for about a week :)

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