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Sound drops gradually while recording vocals in Logic Pro X


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Hello Logic Pro users,


I have an interesting situation I have never dealt with before while using Logic Pro X. 

Last night I created a new project and recorded using my MIDI keyboard and even recorded guitars.

For the guitars, I use a ART Studio Pro 3 preamp to record through and it worked as it should.

I then went to record my vocal track, for which I use a BLUE Spark condenser mic for vocals.

This has never happened before, but upon clicking the input monitor button on along with record, I could not hear any sound coming through Logic.

I also use the ART Studio Pro preamp to record vocals through as well. I was messing with the input and output gains and nothing was helping. I then pushed the phantom power button in and I then could hear the vocal input coming through Logic.

That seemed a little strange since I never really used Phantom Power for that mic before, but I figured, it works so just leave it alone.

I then hit record and started to record the vocal track. It was recording the vocal for up to about 4-5 bars then the volume started to decline gradually until it was finally gone?! I thought... that's weird. I checked if automation was on, and it wasn't. This was a brand-new project and I only had 3 instruments in total recorded. I did this a few more times and the same thing kept happening. The mic input wouldn't read through the DAW and I had to push the phantom power button off and then back on again and the mic could be heard through Logic once again. I recorded again and the same thing happened. This has never happened before. 

Any ideas on what could be happening or what I should do to diagnose the issue?

Any help would be appreciated!! (scratches head) 

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Hi there,


Yeah, I do have an Audio Technica condenser mic that I used, and it did record all the way through. At least longer than the BLUE mic lasted. It didn't sound great (a little distorted) but that may be just the gain level. I suppose I should try it again with that mic fully hooked up and with the levels a little lower to see if it works as it should. Sounds like the BLUE Spark mic is going bad?! That's a shame. Is it worth fixing that mic (I mean, it didn't cost very much) or should I just toss it in the trash?

Thanks for the insight!

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