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install logic studio content after installing logic?


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Beautiful! I hate how long the install takes, so I am going to wipe my harddisk, install leopard again clean and logic program only, then I will add the other stuff as needed. Thanks a lot!




Apple Loops = prerecorded musical phrases right (AKA premade riffs/melodies, AKA defeats purpose of music as an artform of self expression? haha)


Jam Packs = ??? are jam pack combos of Virtual instruments and apple loops?


also, I found a bunch of awesome FX in the media box area, are those the sound effects check box you select upon installation or are they a part of the jam packs?

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A.) Does the window that pops up allow you to uninstall certain things? or do you just have to drag those things into the trash?

B.) you said deselect the things you don't want (is this effectively a Re-install if you dont deselect something that youve already installed? or do the things you already have installed have greyed out check boxes?

C.) can you put the jam packs on an external drive even though it doesnt let you in the installer?

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yo dark echo,


jam packs are apple loops plus some channel strip settings for virtual instruments.

there are a few FX in the remix one for instance, but most FX are part of the sound track pro content.

A) I'm pretty sure there is not an Uninstaller.

B) usually works as a re-install

C) jam packs can go on an external thats where I have mine. when installing click the triangles until you see everything, items with folders next to them can be put on external drives. the loops for each jam pack can go there, there are some channel strip settings for jam pack instruments and stuff that cant.


apple loops in the right hands are every bit as much as an art form as anything. I don't have access to every instrument ever made and have the mastery to play them all. i can't hire session musician and record them with expensive mic's. obviously triggering 6 of them doesn't make you a song writer. but they can be used as a launch pad.

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I understand what you mean by launch pad...


but something just doesn't fit right with me about them. I think I am just trying to justify not spending that much storage space on them.. But I also don't like the idea of using preconceived musical thoughts that aren't true to mine. Just seems too fake, even if you use it as inspiration and eventually keep nothing but the content you came up with yourself, its all based on someone elses idea..


so for that I am anti-apple-loops!


I am curious if the garageband checkbox has any extra VI instruments..


also, do those jampacks contain NEW instruments or just presets that change the sounds of other EXS24 sample packages and give them different names?


Basically I don't want to install anything unless I absolutely have to. I am thinking about scrapping all of the jampacks and using only 3rd party VI's that I buy...

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cool man I dig your commitment to originality. Your thoughts on songs with samples? I'm guessing you are not a hiphop/rap fan?


About jam packs, they are mainly loops. but the channel strip settings are instruments playable by midi controller. There doesn't seem to be a ton of them and I'm not sure how many are based on new sound samples that don't come with basic installation of logic pro.


If you are limited on storage and against the loops I would probably avoid installing jam packs. there are definitely some better v.i packages out there.

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i also don´t dig the loops....the only ones that i use are for percussion (congas etc)


i did the full install and then removed, from the library, all the loops that i wasn´t interested in....unfortunately the loops index doesn´t update to reflect these changes and i´m left with long lists of missing loops...a bit over-zealous???


i now plan to reinstall and then transfer the loops of interest in a folder on my hd....when i want to use any of these loops i can locate them from the browser, bypassing the loop library.....


no full beats (program my own with battery 3, ultrabeat and an mpd 16)...no loops with chords, basslines or anything that dictates a musical direction....anytime i´ve done this (acid days), i´ve always felt like a session musician/producer involved in someone elses project....never quite feels like my own...i´d rather a s#!+ beat of my own creation than a polished beat created by someone else...i only use percussion to help carry the beats along, and these i can then recreate with live percussionists i know


don´t get me wrong, i am not down on others using them, but to me i always feel i´m cheating myself


a good idea is to listen to a loop to understand how the instrument might be used in a realworld situation and then recreate the style and expression used but with a different melody or chord structure...expression is everything....this is more valid when trying to recreate instruments like harp or little known world instruments with limited scales......remembering of course that breaking all these rules is what makes music stand out........

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I agree.


I think samples are totally fine. You hear something, it's a texture that you add to your music. Manipulate it or leave it be, I think samples can capture a certain essence that instruments cannot.


If I were to be against samples, I should be against any sound (Piano, Guitar) that I cannot create with my own body. Samples are no different than the tone a piano produces in my opinion. You can even pitch shift them and make it melodic if you wish.. Generally I treat samples as percussion, or occasionally the melodic passage (I have chopped up and synced up bird songs to make a melody before and consider that to be original.)


I am mostly just anti-loops because someone else wrote that and It has no place in my music, my personal artistic expression.


you wouldnt let somebody else do a few brushstrokes on your Masterpeice painting would you!?! heheh

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when I mentioned samples I was talking about sections of recorded songs that some people use in modern music production, not a sample as in a sampled piano recorded at different velocities and spread across a midi keyboard.


I'm not sure you can be for sampling known songs and anti loops??


most musicians I know spent years emulating the musicians that influenced them, and the mind records everything we hear. at the end of the day originality is about risk taking.

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Yes, in the end, originality doesn't REALLY exist, as everything we know and create will ultimately be an amalgamation of something we heard or were influenced by.


Even if you never see society, the music you write will be the product of your mind PLUS outside factors. It is egotistical to think otherwise. However, there are degrees to originality, somethings are more (a lot more) original than others, relatively.


I thought you were talking about people using sounds (like sounds from a construction site or airport etc) in their music to add texture.


Even in the cases where it is prerecorded music that is adapted, although I still don't like that idea (As it is pretty much the same thing as Apple Loops) I find that musical recordings can be involved in an artists music in an original way and thus neutralizing the feeling that they are just incapable of writing their own music.


For instance, trent reznor in the middle of his StarF**kers song sings a portion of that song You're so Vain. but it works in the context and thus I wouldnt call it unoriginal. In fact, it's witty and intelligent and actually an original adaptation of that original peice.


It all really depends, and I think people can tell when a song was written with emotion versus a need to fill the business order. Some people don't care though.

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