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Logic Pro crashes when adding audio file to main arrange window


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Im on a Mac Mini M1, Ventura 13.5.2 and Logic 10.7.6. Using Rosetta. Almost every time I try to add an audio file Logic crashes. Usually what happens is that I can add (drag) one audiofile from desktop or Loopcloud or add an audiofile in the browser and then drag it to the main (arrange) window and it will not crash. But when I try a second one Logic crashes. This happens in all templates and even new empty ones. Anyone else had this problem and a solution?

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25 minutes ago, Animashaun12 said:

A Lacie Rugged pro SSD

And that SSD has plenty room left available? 

If space available on the disks is not an issue, I would try to save a copy of the project to another disk, for example your internal disk, and see if you can reproduce the issue? 

Or does this happen for any project you try to add audio to? 

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12 minutes ago, Animashaun12 said:

Yes. SSD has 500 GB of free space.  Ok. if the problem happens again I will try to reproduce it and use my internal disk. The crash happened in all the projects I was working on at the time.


Ok let us know if this reoccurs but my guess is, the issue may be with the disk or with the audio file type. 

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