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Spinning Weel

Helen Austin

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I am mixing 15 live tracks from a 30 min recording. When I slice a song to use from near the beginning of the session I can use logic fine. When I slice tracks from near the end of the session then each mouse click results in a spinning wheel for around 20 seconds.

I can work with the full 30 min session but working with just a section is impossibly slow.

Am I doing something wrong when I select and slice the tracks?

I don't want to bounce each track as a wave for a new project as I would lose the effects usability.

Please help 🙂

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what version logic, what OS, what mac??

is the project on your internal drive or an external? and if external, how is that drive formatted?

you can also try to reboot, open ONLY logic, and see how things work. and if the project is on an external drive, you COULD try copying it to your mac (ie the desktop), and seeing if things work better there...

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Good starting point in a mix project is a buffer of 1024 in the Audio Settings to let the computer have some freedom in processing.

If that does not help try to figure out plug ins that might cause trouble and need much processing power, the more if doubled, tripled or worse, like decent 3rd party reverbs, which you can use elegantly when fed by multiple tracks via one(!) dedicated Aux channel. Around 2-3 Reverb instances can be sufficient in a mid sized mixing project.

Check out the overall opinions and recommendations on CPU sucking mastering plug ins and their compatibility in the appropriate forums, espescially when they are third party. Make sure you do not use them on several tracks, if they demand ressources. Most likely due to their purpose its wise to use one instance in the master channel.

You could use the activity monitor in the MacOS world to see if it is more CPU or Drive related, which consumes ressources and how it changes when you deactivate plug ins in your project. Try using SSD Drives externally rather than older standards.

For organizing the trouble shooting you might try to backup your actual mix and Save projects during your experiments as *Test01_reverb, *Test02_mastering_chain etc or so.

Having a dedicated backup (seperate drive) of the initial original Project before mixing always is a good idea, when things (temporarily) are not running smoothy

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