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Apogee Ensemble - system crashes - HELP ME

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I've tried about everything in order to make my apogee ensemble work stable. I am using it on an intel mac pro (2.66) with OSX 10.4.9 and Logic studio. I've shut my airport down as well as the bleutooth...I've made a complete fresh system install...I've updated the drivers...and I am now only using my midi-interface and the ensemble.


The ensemble is allways showing this pattern ;


Working in Logic studio .. a multi-output ultrabeat running, one or two audio loops imported...


- It works fine ... 24bits / 48Khz

- It stops giving me sound

- It makes my system slow, my mouse is not moving anymore...

- It makes clicks and pops...

- It makes my whole system crash


Time after time ...



I've contacted apogee tech support ... but with no success. It keeps on crashing. :(



I really need help




Thanks in advance

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Hey Sunspot.


I have an Ensemble (running native).


Can you send me the file that keeps giving you problems and I'll try it out on my machine? If it does the same for me, then you have a little more fodder for the fire when talking to their tech support.


I won't be able to try it out until later this afternoon, but you can send it to me in the meantime. Feel free to PM it, if you don't want to put it up publicly.


Hope I can help.

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P.S. Is it me or does their tech support seem a little "provincial", for lack of a better word. I mean, they're very nice and very helpful, but it seems like anything even slightly outside the box and suddenly you've thrown them completely for a loop. I remember when I called up, after my first unit was giving me hassles (I mean, I was running my Digi002r at a better i/o setting than the Ensemble, which didn't seem possible!!!) and it was like their systems are set up only to run Apple software with Apogee hardware... no more no less. Maybe it was just a one off. I wonder what your impressions of their support have been.
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Hi guys,


I've done what muses told me to do in the pm... I've selected the maestro option to allow downgrades on the ensemble updater. Once I had this done ... the updater mentionned that the web version is a lower version for the firewire drivers . I've downgraded and now everything seems to be working smooth ... What a relief.



Thanks for your help guys.





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