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Logic is losing all my instrument settings! WTF!

jake benson

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I click save and for some reason lately Logic doesn't look like it's saving (i.e. the "Save" button still appears black as if I hadn't just saved it). Even if I press save a million times and literally do NOTHING right after Logic still asks if I want to save the project when I close down.


So here's the best part that's makes me want to kill myself...


So when I open up my new projects, ALL of my plug-in instruments are reverted to the default instrument that's displayed when first opening the plug-in, as if I just opened them up and played from the first/default instrument. And none of the adjustments I've made on ALL the Logic Pro plug-ins (instruments and effects) are saved.


What's wrong and why does this happen to me. WHY ME? I can't work on anything new. Why do I feel like I'm in the twilight zone?

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Or this happens to no one else but me?

well, probably, otherwise nobody could work with Logic at all...


by "I open my new projects" you mean projects that you maybe started a week ago and you managed to save them at a certain time but suddenly saving is no more possible?



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