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Logic 5 - Windows


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Before you respond on how I should get a Mac and get LS8 let it be known that I DO own a Mac and I'm a content Logic 8 user.


However I also run Logic 5 on windows machine to take advantage of some fun querky plug ins that are otherwise unavailable in the Mac/AU world.




Is there a resource out there (forum or otherwise) for Logic 5 PC users?

I know at least 3 other people in my general area that run Logic 5.


I need a little bit of assistance with it (I need a compatible sound card, plus I'd love more of these archaic plug ins/environments).

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Same here...


Logic Pro 7 in the studio.


Logic Platinum 5.5 on a Win98 machine at home.


And I agree, there are some great, often weird & wonderful plugins in VST land.


I haven't found many places for Logic PC support, but you could look here...




And Sonikmatter has a good Logic 5 forum...




Logic 5 still rocks in my opinion - it's a shame Logic 7 no longer exports in older LSO formats.

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