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Bug or am I doing something wrong?


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I'm trying to export a project to a movie file in Logic 8. I have a 90 minute quicktime movie. Each music cue is a separate project lined up to the same movie file and SMTPTE start time adjusted accordingly.


When I want to make a quick bounce to quicktime to send to the director. I set my locators for the section I want to bounce, select export to audio to movie, save sound as AAC, 44k, and deselect the current movie soundtrack.

When it works, it's great. I get a quicktime movie the length of my bounce so I don't need to edit the 90 minute QT movie into cues. But most of the time I get a movie with the correct audio but it is not in sync. Which is a real time waster when you are doing a 3 minute scene. Takes a while to render...and the I've told the director I will send the movie in a few minutes. I end up having to bounce the audio and paste it into the movie in Quicktime Pro or iMovie which takes too long.


I have tried using short clips of the movie instead of the full 90 minute clip. Doesn't help. I have tried exporting the audio to the movie as an AIF file and that doesn't work.


The only thing that works reliably is if I edit the Quicktime movie to start at the exact frame as the start of the cue. But this isn't great because the director usually wants to see the cue in the context of the scene before and after. At least 5-10 seconds. Also, I don't want to waste time editing Quicktime movies when I'm on a tight schedule.


Anyone else experience this?

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