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Anyone using Komplete 5 or Kore 2 with Logic?


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Anyone have any stories (good or bad) about this combination?


Hey neighbor!


Good or bad? Ask anyone and the answer is always "good AND bad".



Awesome collection of sounds.

Tremendous sound design capability.



Installing and authorizing is often a nightmare. Do-able, but difficult. Make sure you have at least a day to spare for this.


The Kore hardware drivers may not get along with other drivers on your system.


Some software features just don't work. Mostly they get fixed, but don't be impatient about it.


Can be unstable sometimes so, risky in pro, time critical situations. I wouldn't recommend for "live" use. It doesn't happen often, but don't be shocked when Logic freezes when using NI stuff. Just roll with it and save a little more often.


There's a few GUI snafus when using NI stuff in Logic 8, but nothing you can't work around.


Be prepared for the NI "experience".


Don't get me wrong, I don't regret my purchase. It just requires an even temper sometimes when dealing with NI and their products.


Good luck!

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My Komplete 5 upgrade went pretty well..I only installed the new Gutiar Rig and Kontak, as I had everything else.


KORE 2...well...I didn't get the hardware, but the new software is nice...but I had a HELL of a time rebuilding the database, because I moved a few sound libraries around...AND...NI puts things in some BIZZARE places (like..the user\documents folder)...


I ended up adding both my main \mac and my external drive as additional scan paths..that seems to have helped. Not sure I'll update to the Kore 2 Hardware tho...

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