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in a jam need some help-MIDI/transcribing/ SMF


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I was given 4 MP3s and I have to transcribe them and the output needs to be in a specific format:


Make a SMF adaptation of each of the 4 mp3 songs.

You can use up to 16 voices of polyphony* (that you will spread as you wish among 1 to 16 midi channels). Save this file as MIDI 0 format and name your file like “m_song1.mid, m_song2.mid”.




When this is done, create new files from a copy of the first four song midi adaptation, and reduce it to 4voices of polyphony by keeping the necessary content. Each voice should be on separate channel 1-2-3-4. Drum channel (10) is not allowed for this one.

Save this file as MIDI 0 format and name it “m_song1_4v.mid, m_song2_4v.mid”.


How would you approach this? I am working it out on my own, but I am hoping for some insight from someone with experience or more knowledge. I am on a deadline so I am trying to minimize the "trial and error" part.

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If you've got your transcribing done with each voice/ instrument on its own track, then you can assign the midi channel in event,or score or track to name but 3....

I suspect you'll need to assign bank and instrument in the event too if it's got to play back on a bog standard soundcard for instance.

What's SMF?

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SMF = standard MIDI file.


when you say "but 3" do you mean channel three?


The thing is, I need to use the instruments from the apple quicktime synthesizer, but I don't know how to access the patches from different channels.

I open a software synth, insert the apple quicktime synth/apple DSL device.

I tried opening a MIDI track, with the idea that I would use sixteen of these from one multi-timbral quicktime synth, but I don't believe this is the way to go.

I am not sure how to use a synth in Logic that has multiple MIDI channels. Do you?

I almost think maybe you can't? That software instruments are intended for one track/one channel opereation. But then... what about GM?

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If you write 16 tracks,each with its own midichannel then export the lot as a midi file that will work.

Assuming Apple Quicktime synth uses GM standard instruments then setting Bank 0,Instr 4 would be Electric Piano.

Bank 0,inst 45 is Pizzicato Strings.

When I said 'but '" i was referring to the number of ways I had mentioned for setting the midi channel.


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