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Can Logic link insertion plugin parameters between tracks

Ricardo Wheelock

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Hey everybody, does anyone knows if Logic can have insertion points as an attribute to be shared in a group of faders? I don’t see it in the group attributes window yet I wonder if this is possible via the environment window?  Imagine a left guitar and a right guitar track linked, each with one EQ in the first insert point, when I change say the HPF frequency in track left, the same changes apply to the EQ on channel right, same for compression settings in the next channel etc… 

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I would generally proceed the way @Atlas007 described, but if you really want individual plug-ins per track, then you can route Smart Controls on the main track of a summing stack to the plug-ins on subtracks. This would however require you map this manually for each Smart Control you want to couple on the two guitar tracks. 

Otherwise you can cable one channel strip into another in the MIDI Environment but you'll have to use MIDI Transformers to filter out the data you do not want to be coupled (data, volume fader, other inserts, etc...). 


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