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Installing Studio Content on macbookexternal drive in 1 pass


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I have seen a lot of people propose different solutions to the problem of installing Logic 8 on a laptop or other computer with limited space on the system drive. (Since the installer seems like it won't let you select anything other than the system drive for the location). I found the following answer within one of the many posts I saw, but I thought it should be easily accessible since I have had a number of people ask me already.


If you click on ALL the disclosure triangles in the "custom install" dialog (to get to the lowest level), it will offer a drop down menu from which you can select a location for each of the Jam Packs and most of the Audio content individually.


I installed just the apps and any non-content stuff on my system drive on my macbook in 1 pass, then in a second pass installed all the content on an external drive using the disclosure triangles as described above.


I don't think this needs to be done in 2 passes, it's just that I hadn't figured out how to split the install over 2 discs when I started. It seems obvious once someone points it out, but I guess that's how lots of things are...


hope this helps someone


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