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Logic Pro 10.8 mastering assistant for Band In a Box users


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I make a lot of backing tracks for performance using BIAB.  Mostly I use their  audio RealTracks and Real Drums as opposed to midi. 

After a dozen or so remixes with the 10.8 Mastering Assistant (MA) some observations.

1. The MA definitely improves the flabby/muddy bass some  BIAB real tracks users have complained about.
2. MA also improves  BIAB Real Drums. The DrumSets  are definitely crisper and better defined.  I have not used it with a BIAB real drum stems project yet.
3. I'm getting about 3-4 db headroom gain with no clipping. None.

No doubt some may already be getting these results with their mastering chains and various plugins.
I too have found some (some) relief using. an number of the Waves plugins.
But its taken a lot of work and due to the varied genres I perform, results are not always consistent

For those who want some real instant gratification with just a slight uneasy feeling of borg assimilation, try it out.

As an aside, the Logic Drummer is definitely getting better.  My remastering effort is getting slowed down as I add percussionists to most of my remixes.


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BIAB works great for me in quickly building performance quality backing tracks.

I don't build note for note arrangements. Its not Karaoke or play it like the record. I will take a Beatles tune and Funkify it. Or do a country tune reggae. Or play a straight swing jazz tune .... straight swing. I arrange a tune how I like it. In my solo (all arrangements have improv section) I try to play a few nods to the player who's version I like. I signature lick or two if you like. When I can actually play them.  People at my gigs notice.

I don't use midi.  I use BIAB's proprietary RealTracks that I easily transfer to Logic as wav  files. I build up the project from BIAB in Logic. Mostly in logic its mixing the real tracks, adding/subtracting additional instruments (easy from BIAB). Sometimes a little volume automation. The mastering assistant and I'm done. I can generally do a brand new tune soup to nuts (including a number of style (funk,rock,swing,polka, etc auditions) in 2-4 hours.

For me it works.

BIAB has a VStplugin that works for Logic. I don't use it. Its too cumbersome for me. I have 2ea 27" monitors. I open BIAB in one and Logic in the other.

BIAB does take some effort to get to a level of proficiency. I've been using it for decades. Its complicated because it offers a lot. "With great power comes great responsibility". In some ways its similar to logic for users like me. I use 20-30% of the capability to get my work done. Its great.

BIAB is also an investment. Its about $3-400 to get a pro level setup and at least a couple of hundred bucks annually to stay abreast of the new stuff.  New features and new Tracks and Styles. They have guys like Ron Carter, Brent Mason, etc. doing the Real Tracks.  If you're a pro, its a no brainer. If you're just getting started try one of the less costly options and see if it works for you. You don't have to upgrade and/or subscribe every year.

I do not get paid at all by BIAB for saying any of the above. For me, its a great tool for doing my work.

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