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Behringer X-Touch One - First Day Issues


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Hey Folks:

I recently bought a small digital mixer that lacks MIDI mapping capabilities, even though there are DAW control presets. To add to the  mix, I bought at Behringer X-Touch One, and played with it this evening. It has promise, but it's kinda giving me fits right about now.


For some reason, I'm unable to get the channel faders to start any lower than Channel 9, even when I used the bank button,which will not move the banks lower than the second set of 8.

Also,any time I see "Pn" replacing Lo(tic) on the status screen, I'm thrown off and feel like I have to get it to return to Lo again. Not sure if it's just a fluke or if this is a problem, especially when I see that Pn status when I open a project, or make a new one.

Hope to get some insight, because I believe in this product. Or, I wanna believe!



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2 hours ago, velanche said:

do I have to worry if the mode screen displays "Pn?" I see it certainly when I'm opening or creating a project. Did not know if the DAW mode I choose is set until I decide to change it.

Pn is a default....think it means "Pan" is the default param assigned to the encoder???
WRT modes, press the STOP button, then press down on the top of the encoder.
The Assignment display ("Pn") should change/rotate the encoder to scroll through MC, Lo, Cu, CC, etc. is shown for various modes....choose "MC" and press the top of the encoder again to exit mode assignment.
Assignment display should show Pn.
In theory, this display should update to show track numbers etc. - it does on the larger XT units, but not sure about the XT1? It's nice to have but not a showstopper.

In Logic's CS prefs...make sure that CS follows track selection is active:

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I have an XT1 here, it works great with Logic.

Pn is the default MCU mode where the pan knob controls pan. The XT1 doesn't support any of the main other modes a full MCU unit does (like plugin edit mode, instrument edit mode, EQ mode and so on) as it's not a full MCU and doesn't have all the controls a real one has. So this is normal.

Do not confuse this with the communications mode the XT1 uses, like Logic/Mackie Control, HUI etc), that is something different, and relates to how the device communicates with the DAW.

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Thanks for some of the helpful info you gents have shared.

Late last night, before finally having the sense to get some sleep, I switched over to Mackie Std (Standard), and unfortunately it didn't seem to solve the bank issue I've encountered.

I even went through the trouble of redoing the firmware update, as fruitless as that may be. 

I can't help but wonder if there is some sort of setting in Controller Assignments that Tascam had written that might be the cause of the problem, but I would not know how to get it sorted. I also restarted the Mac, as well as the XT1. Still, no change.

I believe you that the device seems to work well. I'm not gonna lie, I'm highly frustrated with not being able to access the first bank, among other gremlins. 

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@des99 good call! In fact, it's the first time I've ever seen two icons in CS setup that are side-by-side. I have a TASCAM Model 12 mixer that has an audio interface, and there's a Mackie Control icon that was created after Logic detected it, and is using the XT1 as both in and out. 

What would I need to do to fix this and keep them co-existing, but separate?

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32 minutes ago, velanche said:

What would I need to do to fix this and keep them co-existing, but separate?

Drag one of them down to it's own line.
When side by side, this places both devices in a control surface group.
Ideal for using multiple Mackie Control and XT units....
MCU - channels 1 thru 8
MCU Extender 1 - channels 9 thru 16
MCU Extender 2 - channels 17 thru 24

In your case the XT1 is set up to be channel 9.
I'd imagine that if you were to bank up on the Tascam, the XT1 would be channel 17.

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Wow, never heard of grouping control surfaces. This is fascinating; kinda like aggregate devices in Audio-MIDI Setup.

Maybe I'll toy with it, because in truth the reason why I bought the XT1 is really for channel automation, something that the Tascam 12 lasts.

I'll try it out, tonight. Thanks for the helpful info, guys!

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1 hour ago, velanche said:

Wow, never heard of grouping control surfaces.

If you have, say, 4x 8-channel Mackie Controls, you can use them as, for example, one big 32-channel mixer (so when you bank up, you bank the whole set up 32-channels each time), or you could have, say, 2x of them grouped into 16 combined channels, and one of them dedicated to the first set of Aux channels you use as stem busses, and the last unit for aux returns.

Grouping the control surfaces is really flexible in this regard, as you can set up multiple units to work together, or independently, as most makes sense for your workflow. For more info on this, check out the control surfaces manual.

At least when it comes to the XT-one, it's main function is to control the selected channel, and I rarely change from that to one of the 8 channels in it's fader bank, or fader bank up and down (but then I have other units to access multiple channels in a fader bank anyway). It should be on it's own, ungrouped line in the control surface setup window, generally.

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