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Why does Finder not stay operational after closing Logic?

Plastic Meanie

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Every so often, maybe couple of times a week, when I close Logic and go back to the main finder screen, my folders and files are no longer visible. I've just updated to Ventura and it still does it. Not strictly a Logic question but any of you Apple gurus got any ideas? I make all the files visible again by asking for a new folder so it's not a massive problem but I'd still like it to stop doing it! I've tried to reproduce the behaviour but failed. Seems to happen completely randomly. 

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Hard to tell without actually seeing it "in action".
But in general, being quite "new to Ventura" I'm also occasionally noticing some delay in Finder updating its folder contents, especially compared to the previous 4 years working mainly in El Capitan on a 2012 MacBook Pro.
But anyway, I've got the habit to relaunch Finder every now and then to force refresh if something doesn't look right. This can be easily done via cmd-opt-esc.

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