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Trouble bouncing Steven Slate Multi Channel Drums


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Everytime I try to bounce the multi drums track in place to seperate midi notes by track, it only bounces one random track, such as the kick only or the OH mic, never all 16 channels. I am doing everything I have ever normally done the last 4 years, checking all the same options for creating new tracks and no normalization and such. 

I have the newest Mac OS and reinstalled Steven Slate Drums and the problem persists.

Did I update to the latest OS too soon?

Any ideas? 

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I think I maybe having a similar issue.

When I try to bounce my project I just get whichever track is highlighted. Even when I highlight them all, I just get track 1 (in this case kick drum).

This is only happening on my latest project. Not on previous projects. I also notice the playhead on this project is turquios when not playing. Again, not the case in previous projects. Anyone know why?

Thank you!

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