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Midi Out / Sampling instruments on Synth via midi track in Logic


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Hoping someone can give me some help, I've trawled numerous tutorials and manuals and still not figured this out.

I have a Yamaha Montage connected to Logic Pro via USB to Host, which is working fine. What I want to be able to do is have a midi track in Logic that triggers the sounds in the synth, so I can sample different sounds without pressing the keys on the synth. Is this possible via the USB midi in/out, or midi in on the keyboard?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Simian,

30 minutes ago, Simian said:

thanks for your prompt reply! 

You're welcome 🙂

30 minutes ago, Simian said:

When I set up a new midi track, I have Montage Port 1 and Montage Port 3 as Midi Destination Options. I've tried both set to "all", but it's still not there yet.

According to this page (out) Port 1 gets the data out via USB:

MONTAGE MIDI Settings Explained - Yamaha Synth

Make sure you read the rest of the documentation to make sure that data actually triggers your Montage's sounds.

You can also use the free MIDI Monitor to double check data from Logic is actually going out that MIDI output port.




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