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DMD - Combining Tracks and their Pattern Regions?

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3 hours ago, JakobP said:

You could try converting the pattern regions to midi regions, join them, and then convert back ?

That's a great workaround. 

It's too bead we can't merge pattern regions. 

Alternatively you could copy the row from one of the pattern regions into the other, taking care of pasting it onto the correct note. 

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22 hours ago, Jordi Torres said:

pack them in a folder and then move the folder region to the main track in the stack

Pack them in a folder as in a Summing/Track Stack? 

The goal here is to manage track 5 and 6 under a DMD, in a single pattern region instead of two.

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6 hours ago, globet said:

@Jordi Torres Folder Regions are just an organizational tool? Any other use cases?

Well, besides helping you achieve what you're asking here, another use case would be when working with cutup regions that are placed at very specific locations within a bar, and you want to loop them without having to bounce them in place. In that case, you can pack them into a folder and then loop the folder. 


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