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ReWire- recording audio into Logic


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Hi, im just getting started with digital music, although ive been using a apple software for years for graphic design. I'm using Logic express 7, and ive also purchased propellerheads reason. Ive managed to ReWire the two applications so that midi can be sequenced and recorded in Logic, but played back through Reason, and i can route audio output from Reason into Logic. However, i am looking to be able to record this output onto a new Logic track.


For example, is there a way to record the audio output of a drum machine in Reason onto an audio track in Logic?





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I'm not using reason but I'm rewiring Live into Logic so the principal's the same.

Basically when you're working with softsynths and drums for that matter, it's just a case of soloing (in Logic) the track you want Logic to transfer into audio and bouncing it. From there you can drag it from the audio window into your arrangement.

Hope this helps.


D R Y F I S H.

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