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How can I make my template look like this?


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Hi community,

So I'd really like to imitate the streamlined nature of Anne-Katherin Dern's template, but I'm struggling to take her walkthrough guide done in CuBase and port that over to Logic Pro X as the two DAWs work a bit differently with routing? I'll post her video walk through as reference:

Notably, the part she starts talking about routing at 12:25 or so in the video is where I'm losing steam with how to get this all set up the same way inside of Logic. Could any pro users offer me some advice?

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I would like the following structure in VE Pro appropriately routed to Logic Pro X:

1. Instance of VE Pro entitled "Woodwinds" (for example)

2. Within that instance I would love the Kontakt Player on 16 separate channels

Here's the part I haven't figured out yet:

3. Within each instance of Kontakt I want multiple articulation patches (Flute staccato, Flute Sustain, Flute Legato etc.) that will now each route back to logic in a descending way on a multi-timbral instrument. 

Currently my best workaround is making a bunch separate INSTANCES of VE pro each with their own 16 channel set, but this gets quite cluttered looking and feels extremely inelegant. Does this explain my issue better?

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You might have more luck if you ask about this in the VSL forum. BTW I understand (I don’t know for sure) that an instance of VEP can only feed 25 channels to Logic which if you wanted more than 12 stereo channels per instance would be a limiting factor.

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LogicPro is limited to 25 aux channels per multi-instrument.  So yes that's the max number of audio stereo channels you can bring back from a single VePro instance.

I am not sure I understand the request about "descending way" 

I don't have time to watch her video and anyway it has a lot of stuff, so you will need to be really specific as to what you want to do in LogicPro.  LogicPro's multi-instrument quirks can be annoying, but I see no problem if you are limited to 16 midi channels feeding into each vepro instance and 16 (or 25) stereo audio returns coming back from each VePro instance...then I see no reason you can't set up some kontakt instances in VePro that are just one whole instrument or some of them could be multiple kontakt instruments listening on a few midi channels, etc..  

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