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Re-sizing Logic Pro arrange window not working anymore


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Anyone else experiencing an issue with not being able to drag/minimize the Logic Pro window? I use a MacBook Air M1 2020 with a big external screen. that way I can have the arrange window and the mixer window open at the same time. But now when I open a project It fills up the whole screen and I cannot minimize it by dragging from right to left to make room for the mixer. I guess it started with the 10.8 update. I will specify: I am actually able to minimize the window by dragging. I am able to minimize the arrange window about 5-6 centimeters (or 1,9-2,3 inches) and then it stops and I cannot minimize it any further. The problem is that on my screen, that is only about 5% of the screen size. I usually have the arrange window at around 60% of the screen and the mixer 40% of the screen.

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