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anyone else having crossfade issues?


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First it was when Id have regions that refused to x fade... finally figured if I un- overlap them and the toggle x fade off and back on it would then work. weird but started to happen a lot.  On a recent project, I have a ridiculous amount of them, may be a 150 idk, doing some serious surgery. I have 3 tracks that're all different mics of one source and Im chopping to hell and back. suddenly some xfades that appear there, ones Ive made, no longer work and Im getting pops. other times, where theres a bunch of close ones a region at the end will just cut out and be silent like its deleted but the stranger part, all 3 tracks are getting equal treatment and one track will do that and I'll go solo another and its fine. Idk if it s a bug or Ive pushed it too hard but its not putting the smallest dent in my cpu so its not that. 

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10 hours ago, studioj said:

Yes I ran into this bug in 10.7.9 a few times. I can't remember how I fixed it specifically, maybe made a new track and dragged the audio there? I can't recall... but it was a weird one.

Was this bug fixed in Logic Pro 10.8? I can't reproduce it here. 

@EmptyVesselband are you still using Logic Pro 10.7.1?

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