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Exporting tempo info to another DAW

Dave Blackburn

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Dear gurus, 

I have a client who likes her vocal on a song she recorded in 1981 but hates the piano accompaniment. She asked if there would be a way to separate them and have a new piano track recorded. Izotope RX9 did a pretty good job of extracting the vocal, even retaining its reverb, so now I have a workable vocal track. In Logic Pro 10.7.9 I brought the original track into a new project with Adapt Tempo selected and it mapped the subtle tempo variations probably caused by the tune coming off a cassette tape - it would have been originally recorded to a click track.

My question is this: the piano player I want to send it to doesn't used LP - Reason, I think - and I want to send him a chart and the isolated vocal with the tempo map openable in his DAW. The vocal track has the tempo information embedded already, but is that enough?


Thanks, in advance.

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Hi Dave,


2 hours ago, Dave Blackburn said:

The vocal track has the tempo information embedded already, but is that enough?


That would be a question for the piano player that uses Reason (or you can search in Reason's docs) 😉.

Otherwise you could create a MIDI region in Logic (containing at least. one MIDI event at position 1 1 1 1, a MIDI note, for example) for the duration of the song then export it as a Standard MIDI file from Logic. It will contain the tempo map that your piano player can import in Reason.


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