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Playing a sung phrase with keyboard....

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Hi guys.


I am curious about an effect I hear in music. It is very obvious in Vladiswar Nadishanas "Cat´s Love Song", and I hear Shpongle use it a lot, and I would love to learn how to do it myself...


U can hear "Cat´s Love Song" here: wait for about 30 seconds for the effect to come.



I´ll explain the effect here... There´s a long sample of a cat in heat heard first. Then the same sample is being played probably by an EWI or something just as expressable as EWI, so that it sounds like the cat´s crying becomes a nice melody line. How is this possible..? And Shpongle uses some of the same principles, but I have heard spoken phrases that has been looped in the middle, being played as a flute (going infinitely) and when "released" playing the last bit of the sample.


This is awesome pairing of technology and "authentic" musicianship (EWI skill), and I would love to learn this... can u guys help?

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