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Logic Studio Crashing Every Time I Press Record (just one fi


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Anybody ever have one song suddenly crash LP8 every time you press "Record" ??


I have all updates on a new Mac Pro with 3GB of memory .. have been running Logic 7x and LP8 since Day 1 with no problems ...


I deleted the pro.cs prefs file, cleaned-up, consolidated, Saved As .. hmm, just don't know what else to do ...


All other songs record just fine .. the song that's crashing is pretty important and I don't have time to recreate everything from scratch to meet today's deadline ..


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated .. thank you ..

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There is no crash window, per se, but our friend the spinning beach ball persists, and it hangs the Finder and Logic Pro .. I have but one 3rd party plug-in, Native Instruments Guitar Rig, on two tracks; have been working on this song for awhile w/out any problems at all ..


Now, I did run my Software Update and saw some core audio and Soundtrack Pro updates over the past few days (as I’m sure many of us did) .. these problems began right after the latest updates last night …


I would guess I haven’t neglected or done anything obvious that is a screw-up … it’s a pretty modern system and I have the most updated drivers for hardware (FireFace 800) …


And, like I mentioned, it’s just this one song (apparently; I tested six others which recorded just fine) .. this is really a bummer b/c I need this song; I tried a number of approaches to Save As, Rename, deleted prefs, etc. but to no avail ..


Thanks much for the good thoughts and questions and I’d appreciate any add’l thoughts to help me solve this .. and, it might come in handy for others on this forum today/someday …

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