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help with display res

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i recently got a 32" tv to use with my mac pro and the tv said its resolution is 1366x768.however when i plugged in my mac via vga the tv said out of range.

After telephoning the tv company [onn by beko] they said to put the computer display settings at there lowest value [i dont know how reliable the technical support is, because at first they told me to change my graphics card!] However after putting my mac at 800x600 it did appear on the screen, despite being a bit chunky. i started logic thinking it was sorted and it told me that logic supports only a minimum of 1024x768 res. therefore logic is rather chunky this is workable but i haven't actually gained any workspace, it is just bigger. the main problem is that any native instruments plugs are bigger than the screen and can be a pain to work with so i need to get it all smaller. i tried gui scaling in terminal which did get everything to a wokable size but made the graphics go crazy and as such did more harm than good. i have heard that resolution scaling is fully supported in leopard but then ive also heard that its not, and ive also heard rumours that there are some issues with logic in leopard i dont know if this is true but i dont want to sacrifice any stability. basically i need some help, has anyone successfully used scaling in leopard with logic or does anyone know of a patch to run logic at a different resolution or does anyone know of another workaround i still haven't tried s-video. i do not know much about display settings and as such nay have completely over looked something.

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