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Has Leopard broken my key commands?


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Hi folks,

I don't often need to post for any reason but this is driving me mad(der)!

Some of my key commands such as set left locator by playhead use numbers (in this case, Control-Shift-2). This used to work fine in L7 and in L8 when I first got it. However, since upgrading to Leopard, it just switches screenset (which I have at default keys 1, 2 etc). It's like the control-shift combination is completely ignored.

So, i thought the key commands might be corrupted so I threw away the com.apple.logic.plist thingy and it worked for me yesterday. I come back to it today and it's gone back to switching screensets again!

I would really prefer not to have to change all my key commands to accomodate this bizarre quirk but any help would be really appreciated!





G5 1.8 Dual, 3.5 Gigs ram, no 3rd party plugins, Contour Shuttle Pro

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