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Low Volume when using Microphone in Logic Studio


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I have connected a Shure58 microphone for use in Logic Pro Studio, but when I use it for vocals (using audio track) it plays back at a low volume. I've noticed the volume bars are also low when recording.

Is there a volume control setting in Logic Pro for microphones?


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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A microphone needs a preamp to raise its signal to a level high enough to use in most audio interfaces.


Does your audio interface have a microphone preamp? If not, you'll need to get one.


An SM58 is a dynamic microphone. All it needs is a preamp. Besides a preamp, condenser mics also need phantom power. If you plan to get additional mics, you'll want to get a preamp with phantom power built into it, so that you can use both kinds of mics with it.

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