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Help! Crackling sound through built in output . . .


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Hi guys


Im new to the forum (and to Logic!) and i'm having an issue which i can't seem to resolve, or find any info on through googling!


I currently run LP7.2 and ReWire Reason through it. i recently bought a Macbook and have instaled my software, however i'm getting a crackling sound when playing my tracks through the buit in output (headphones). I also have an iMac (slightly lower spec) running the same software setup, but using an external firewire audio interface, and i don't have this problem . . .


The sample rates are set at 44100 throughout, i also once got an error message saying that there was an issue with the audio/MIDI sync . . .


Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this? Any advice or tips would be most appreciated!!!


Many thanks . . .



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I've experience the same crackling you describe. I resolved it by changing the buffer size in the Audio Preferences. Change it to a different setting and the audio should play normally; then you can change it back the original buffer size if you want and you should be problem free.


Hope that helps,



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