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Slurs and Accents in Score Editor?


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Using LP8;


Is there any way to enter slurs, accents and ghosts notes into the editor and get the real sounds out of them? (I know how to get them to show but they're just there for show as I've come to notice..)


Right now I'm faking them by manually entering accents and modulation in the piano roll and hyper editor after I know where the accents are, but that is a kind of messy bussiness.


Would really speed things up for me so I don't have to do things twice in all kinds of windows all over the place.


I know it's possible in Sibelius or similar notation software, but I would like to stay in LP8 since the rest of score editor is more than sufficient for me.



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Articulations such as staccato points and legato lines can be set to have midi meaning,but slurs and phrase marks are purely cosmetic.

Playing with gate times may help fake some phrasing though.Midi prefrerences is where you should look for the tab Midi meaning.

Very short values will affect interpretation and appearence in the printed score though.

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