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Hey everyone


Im pretty new to recording drums. I am working on a song of mine right now and this is only the 4th time I have actually recorded my kit. My room at home that they are in sux so keep that in mind cuz its the only place i can put them. I have a set of Samson drum mic's, toms and kick are close mic'd and my hat and ride are mic'd with a matched pair of samson pencil condencers. I have my trusty SM57 on my snare. The kit is a Network with Remo heads ( tho when i tracked this they needed to be replaced which has since been done)

Anywho, the first track is the drums dry, only thing going on is some eq, gating and compressing.




Now because my room sux there is no point in using overheads so i have just made a room in software ( I use Logic btw)


This is the same track with the room added




Anywho, since i re-skinned the drums i am going to re-record the drums for this song but i just thought i would get some opinions on how they sound and how the "room" sounds so far


PS i replaced the cymbals also using samples of sabians

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I think they sound great too. I'm not a drummer but I've been recording drummers for a while. The hardest thing to do in home recording is getting great drum sounds. I too don't have a great big room to record drums or thousands of dollars worth of equipment but what I've been doing lately is pretty much creating a midi version of all my drum performances that match my audio files. I'm then triggering them in BFD which has far superior sounds to my own as well as room and ambient mics. If I run into a problem where i can't duplicate what the drummer did, like a cymbal swell for example, I'll usually use individual samples that I had them play of that part and then mix it in with the rest of the kit. To me the hardest things to mimic in midi is cymbal swells and just basic cymbal dynamics. Anyway.. keep up the good work... I know it's tough... believe me

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