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Voices Inside My Head


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ok, so I'm bad singer, we'll let's put it this way - I can sing but I don't like my voice.


I want to pitch correct and add some growl, maybe even remodel my voice.


What can get some pretty realistic results? We're not talking major label release stuff I just need to sing decently on tracks for a pub deal.


:o laaa laaa laaa!

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If you can spend the $$, get yourself Melodyne. I use Melodyne, which works really great - although, warning about the plugin version... it can be glitchy with Logic, but it does work.


There are others out there like Antares Autotune, but I don't know it as well and from what I've seen in reviews it doesn't seem to be as easy to use as Melodyne. But this just may be an impression. Others who've used both may have a better idea on this.


Before you spend the money, though, have you tried Logic's Pitch Correction plugin? It's not great, but it may do at a pinch. And it may just give you the results you need.

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Well, what I'm looking for is more of a complete vocal make over - I want to mask my voice.


Funny. Currently I am working on something with a vocoder... What could be more masking? And I have to face the fact that even speaking is a hard job...

Sorry, no helpful answer... But I think no matter how you process your singing, you will have to try your best. Sing it again and again and listen. You definitely will become better.

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add some growl, maybe even remodel my voice.

smoke more :)

Or you could try running your vocals through some guitar amp simulators/ pedals. Never tried this myself, but I think its a common technique in certain circumstances.

Or you could go the whole way and do the Roger Troutman & Zapp/ Teddy Riley talkbox thing.

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I agree that auto tune is harder to use, but I think it's better. you can get very nitpicky.


melodyne is a LOT easier to use, but if I had to have one I'd have to have autotune.


also, check out 'throat' by antares also.



they may have what you're looking for. and if you plan on getting Antares auto tune, maybe you can get a discount on throat or the other avox plugins by them.


If not, add a lot of compression, and distortion :) always a good mix to hide behind for me.



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before you you go buying a bunch of crap, you might want to try the vocal transformer in the Logic special plug-ins list


use the formant knob on the right-hand side


anymore than 1 or 2 clicks up or down starts to sound un-natural, but it might be enough to get you going

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i tried throat and punch and all the antares voice stuff for 10 days as a trial when i bought autotune 5


i guess theyre cool for novel fx...but id never buy them




id agree with jope...for complete vocal makeover with perfect pitch...go for logic's vocoder fx...you already have it....so its not you spend money and then wish you bought something else




dont think imogen heap hide and seek....because the melody in that song and the part that really makes the words understandable is her real unprocessed voice...the vocoder only makes chords and harmonies...and by itself would sound completely different

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