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mixing down drums!


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im workin on logic pro 7.2... just wonderin, if ive got my drum sounds loaded up in ultra beat...is there a way i can make each sound seperate on the mixer. i dont like to much my drums down as a whole thing, i like to mix down each individual sound...bd..sn...hh etc. seperately, as im sure most people do. is this possible? or will i hav to open like 10 ultrabeats and have only one sound running through each?


any help is greatly appreciated!

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Instantiate UB as a multi-channel instrument.


Then, in the UB GUI there is a column where you can tell each voice what output you want to set it to. The default is "Main".


Once you've done that, create an Aux track in the Environment for each of the outputs you've set in UB.


Click on the Input on each Aux track and you'll see the UB outputs come up.


That should do it for you. Hope this helps.

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Graphical User Interface - the Ultrabeat display, in other words.


Actually, with Logic 8, you don't need to create Au tracks in the environment. You can just click the + symbol in the Mixer to do this. Bit simpler.


EDIT: rats, just saw you're using Logic 7. It's easy enough to do though - just search this forum. I'm sure someone's done a simple walkthrough for creating Auxes in the Environment. Don't be too scared ;-)

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This post will help you out about the number of outputs.




As far as creating Aux strips in your Environment.


1. Open the Environment page (default is Command-8)

2. In the local menu, click on New > Audio Object

3. In the Information pane on the left, select its channel as Aux #


This is just scratching the surface, but it may get you off the ground.

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