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Arturia Keylab 61 essential: save, undo, redo, metronome don't work on controller


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Go to System Settings > Privacy and Security.....and scroll on the right-hand side until you see the Installer listed. Click the Install Anyway button.
You'll be prompted for your password.
The installer will start (another password prompt) and run through the process.
Reboot your Mac and you should be good to go.

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I was able to download the App but after a restart of my computer the save, undo, redo, metronome don't still don't work :(

Thanks for your help so far

I did receive confirmation that the logic scripts were downloaded successfully but nothing really changed.


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AFAIK, with the Arturia boards, you need to specifically place them in a DAW mode.
Among my collection of far too many keyboards I have a MiniLab 3, and this is what I need to do with it.
It only provides DAW functionality when in this mode.
Specifically, the Logic script is accessed in a particular "User" config in the Arturia MIDI Control Center app.
I have multiple "User" configs for other software residing in my ML3.
You use the MIDI Control Center software to upload your configs to the keyboard.
As above, the KeyLab would presumably work in the same/a similar way.

Assuming the above is correctly configured on your machine (and in the device itself).
Are those buttons mentioned functional elsewhere....i.e. in the Arturia Lab software?
Just want to rule out the possibility that the buttons/circuit they connect to doesn't have a fault.

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In Analog Lab the buttons (undo, save etc) DO work. 

They don't work when I'm doing normal work in Logic (outside of Arturia stuff)

The Arturia website tells me to choose "Mackie Control" in the drop down menu for Daw Mode. The picture is what shows in mine:

I've selected Mackie and no luck.





Screen Shot 2024-02-12 at 3.49.34 PM.png

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OK cool.

Quit Logic

Go to ~/Library/Preferences/ then locate and delete this file: com.apple.logic.pro.cs

Make sure that the Keylab is in "Logic" (or MCU) mode.

Relaunch Logic and we'll see if Logic/the KL play nicely together.
You should be prompted to "use keylab" in a dialog when you boot Logic.

Note that the above preference file is in the USER Library folder.....press Option, then click Go from the desktop menu to view hidden folders (if hidden on your Mac).


11 minutes ago, Clint12341234 said:

MIDI Control Center software to upload your configs to the keyboard." How is this done?


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