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Scoring and Transposing for sax parts in a score...

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I'm trying to work with scores in Logic. Things are not obvious for me.  I'd have 2 questions, to start.

Question 1.

I want to transpose a software instrument track to get a part for alto sax, which is an Eb instrument.

At first, I've entered  the music for a software instrument and now, I want to transpose it for the alto sax. Obviously, I want the key signature of the part for the alto sax to be adequate, which means it won't be in the same key signature as my project.

How do I proceed to transpose one track (which will be used only for scoring and printing parts) from one key to the other ? In this case, I want to transpose from Bb major to G major, and I want the key signature of the printed part for the alto sax to really be in G major.

The answer might be obious, but I don't see it. I only see how to transpose by a specific amount of semitones... which would keep the transposed part in the key signature of Bb.

Question 2.

When I'm working with scores, how do I manage to see, on my Mac screen, the parts that I want to see ? Let say if I want to see the bass clarinet, alto sax and oboe, how do I proceed ?  I try many many things, I never manage to see what I want.


I've tried to use the Help menu, but it did not really help me with these questions. What tutorial or book, maybe, would you suggest to have clear indications concerning scoring with Logic ?

Do you guys, or girls, use Logic for scoring or do you use Finale, Sibelius ?

Once again, thanks so much for the help we receive here.

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Question 1.
Staff styles can be assigned manually or automatically to tracks.
these only affect the appearance of the score....so the MIDI part itself isn't transposed/sounds as it should.

Question 2.
Score sets will do what you want to do.

WRT help....Logic's Scoring chapter is pretty comprehensive...

or download the PDF and read the Create a musical score section:

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Thanks. Il will read all that.

As for question 1, it's not only the key signature that has to be transposed, but the notes of the track also. The way I do it is that I have a track to be played by Logic, and another track for printing parts purpose. Might not be the proper way to do it. Anyway, I tend to forget that Apple's Guide to Logic. I will slowly  go through the chapter and come back here if I need it. 


Thanks for the references.

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