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Groups not behaving themselves


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Hi there, I just bought Logic Express 8 to go with my shiny new Mac - just moved over from pcs as I'd had enough of all the compatibility problems.


Really enjoying the experience so far but having s a few probs with Logic - don't know if it's me or bugs in this first release of version 8:


The current one is groups - I've got a whole bunch of tracks assigned to a group that I want to fade using one fader. What happens is that I put the automation data on one track (it's empty and fader is high) but when I press play, some of the group tracks don't fade. Also their levels jump to some unpredeifned place, thus throwing my mix all out.


I have tried this a few times, and the individual racks appears entirely random (eg it's not only happening to odd or even numbered tracks).


In addition, once I have put the automation nodes on the onle track, it copies itself to some of the other tracks in the group, so that even when group isdisabled they fade down.


Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?


Hope someone can help.





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